AMLN Family Services

The AMLN Family Services is a program of the American Mideast Leadership Network. It is an Arabic-speaking and culturally sensitive organization in Astoria, Queens to target the needs of the underserved Arab immigrant community.

We aim to empower the Arab communities in the United States through legal and social services, leadership development and immigrant education programs, and to raise awareness of the common values and aspirations that young Arab immigrants share with their peers in the United States.With the collaboration with our partners, the AMLN’s wide range of social services, offered to the underserved Arab American community primarily to women and children focus on the well being of the Arab American children and families strive to support and strengthen family’s ties and prepare families to fulfill their American dream and help them to be an active part in the American society.

The AMLN addresses the numerous social and economic challenges faced by the growing population of Arab immigrants. AMLN operates a youth program, scholarship for Arab American students, a legal service and referral program, a women empowerment program, Higher education program and a language program including ESL for adults. AMLN also provides auxiliary support services including benefit enrollment assistance, translation, and cultural sensitivity training.The AMLN Family services program is designed to improve the well being of children and families in the child welfare system and reduce the use of foster care in the community. AMLN is looking to working with your organization to identify families at particular risk of out-home-placement who could greatly benefit from preventive services.

AMLN Legal & Immigration Services

AMLN’s Legal Program is a legal referral program that provides immigration workshops, and information about permanent residency and naturalization. We help immigrants filling in immigration applications and refer them to the different legal services providers in NY. AMLN offers a free, citizenship-preparation courses that prepares non-U.S. citizens for their naturalization application.

Cultural Events

In order to spread the culture awareness and give the Arab community in Queens a chance to exhibit the culture of their homelands, AMLN runs a variety of public events all over to share the Arab tradition, customs and heritage. This has included music showcases, poetry readings, and community lectures. In 2010 AMLN organized the first ever Astoria Arab American Heritage Festival, taught traditional Arab dance classes and hosted Arab folklore days for children in partnership with local Queens County Libraries.
AMLN believes in preserving and improving the environment we live in for the sake of our families, friends, and neighbors. This is why AMLN organizes an annual clean-up day of Astoria Park: a public space that enhances the quality of life for all people in our community. This event usually coincides with the National Arab-American Service Day. Each year nearly a hundred volunteers come out to help clean the shoreline, clear the pathways, and improve the quality and safety of our park.

AMLN Employment & Business Services

The American Mideast Leadership Network understands that a good job is essential to achieving social and economic stability and that many immigrants face additional obstacles to reaching their professional goals. This is why AMLN’s Employment Services helps members of the community adapt to the professional world and progress towards achieving their career objectives.

Our staff offers group workshops on resume writing to help members of the community understand the different components and stylistic options of a US resume and cover letter. We will help you draft a resume that fits your experience and career goals. Appointments can be arranged to offer one-on-one resume and cover letter writing assistance.
Searching for a job can be a daunting task. AMLN can help you develop a strategic approach to searching and applying to jobs. We will help you look for potential employers: We can help you find openings in your field, job-fairs to attend, and even help you prepare for the interview.
For many of us, starting a business is a life long dream. This is why AMLN teams up with community partners to offer business workshops that equip potential entrepreneurs with the information they need to know about starting and running a business in New York City. We also assist clients with writing business plans, business registration, and connecting with banks and alternative lenders.
It goes without saying that everyone’s case is unique. This is why AMLN has reached out to organizations that specialize in working with various fields, sectors, or with certain communities. We can refer you to groups that can address your particular needs. For information on any program, or to schedule an appointment contact the Employment Services Coordinator, William Spisak: